Frequently Asked Questions

Worcester Foot Clinic Frequently Asked Quesrtions
  • How do I know if a podiatrist or podiatric surgeon is properly qualified?

    All qualified podiatrists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. You can check the register online:

  • How long is an appointment?

    Most appointments take 30 minutes, this maybe longer or shorter dependant upon need.  It is very unusual for any patient to wait more than 30 minutes to be seen.

  • Will it hurt?

    Examination as part of a consultation is not painful.  Operations are performed under different types of anaesthetic be that local, local with sedation or general anaesthetic.  Post operative pain is controlled with pain killing medication and advice in regard to appropriate actions and rest.

  • What should I wear to my appointment?

    It is best to come in your normal footwear so we can look at wear patterns and fit. If you struggle to get your own shoes and socks on and off don’t worry we can help.

    If you experience pain during a particular activity it would be useful to bring the shoes along that you wear for that activity for example running shoes.

    If you are having a biomechanical assessment it is best to wear loose fitting trousers as we will need to examine your lower legs.

  • Do I need to bring anything to my first appointment?

    It is useful to bring along a list of medical problems and any medication you are taking as this can help with diagnosis and treatment of your foot problems.  If you have had any previous consultations generating letters, X-Rays or other imaging please bring these if available.

  • How much does it cost?

    New patient fee is £215, review consultations are £185 with Mr Malik.  The cost of treatments vary, please contact the clinic for a full list of fees.  Surgical procedures are quoted following consultation and are provided by our hospital partners as fixed cost quotes.  All major private medical insurance companies recognise Mr Malik as a Podiatric Surgeon for consultation and treatment.  

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